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Below is a brief summary of our export market region by region;


We operated our affiliate company that is Fast Energy Uganda from 2011, although we have halted supplies the company is still in existence and we are just waiting for the right time to fully revive it.

DRC Congo;

This region is the bulk consumer of our export product both AGO and PMS, the main area of supply is mostly Eastern Congo. Petroleum products take up a huge percentage in the market share hence its huge volumes despite the instability of the country.

South Sudan;

This region has been a start stop for us in terms of supply and I would classify it as a supplement to the other two regions, the country is under developed   but very promising however due to the constant wrangles between north and south the country is yet to realize its full potential and further to this the market has become unpredictable and businesses as a whole have been affected, however it’s still the best market in regards to profitability.


Fast energy logistic is a wing of fast energy company that deals with transportation, at the moment we only have few trucks fully owned by our company but our fleet is of over 10 trucks the rest being sub-contracted under fast energy, our main target in regards to this is to increase our fleet by end of 2014. We transport products to mainly our clients in all the three regions.